Breast Cancer October Surprise

OffScrip Media is proud to announce The #BCSM Podcast, our first narrative documentary series about the birth of #BCSM, the Breast Cancer Social Media Community on Twitter.

Alicia Staley, Jody Schoger, and I first met in Phoenix, AZ, in 2010 at a young adult cancer “blogger summit” (remember those?) I remember inquisitive conversations regarding “What is this Twitter thing everyone is talking about?” Then, in 2011, they started #BCSM, and unwittingly changed the world forever.

It is the privilege of a lifetime to capture this story, memorialize our past, share it with current and future generations, and imbue the lesson that patient advocacy matters. In fact, it’s the only thing that matters; otherwise, nothing would ever get done.

We are all — to paraphrase Jane Sarasohn-Khan — “Health Citizens” who possess the power to learn from our predecessors and shape the future for us and those who follow in our footsteps.


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