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Celebrating 10 Years of Stupid Cancer

January 2017 will embark the 10th year of Stupid Cancer. Little did anyone know back then the raw, untapped power of the young adult cancer movement. With gratitude to those who laid the path before me, and in full recogntion of the bumpy ride (read: learning curve) it has been, I can assure you that the next 10 will blow your mind.

All this magic happens today with a staff of six inside a 900 square foot office in Manhattan. Your support makes all this possible. Literally all of this. So please help us commemorate 10 years of unprecedented impact with a tax-deductible end-of-year donation of $50. Or $100. Or give what you can. Every gift matters.

Here’s where your dollar goes and what you can expect from us in 2017 and beyond:

1) CancerCon 2017 marks our 20th patient conference as we welcome our 8,000th attendee.
2) Season 20 of The Stupid Cancer Show kicks off with episode 407 this January
3) Brace yourself for a huge update this Spring to our mobile app, Instapeer
4) Watch us make cancer suck less by taking on critical issues such as access to care, navigation, decision-making and informed consent on infertility risk
5) Participate in our growing cancer survivorship research arm that includes partnerships with the National Cancer Institute, Northwestern, Northwell Health and others
6) See how we expand our community internationally into the tens of millions
7) And a whole lot more…

Take pride being a part of a decade of social change. We have made more than a dent. We have made a staggering difference.

Thank you for making Stupid Cancer possible.

Our Board. Our staff. Our volunteers. Our friends, fans, followers and survivor families.

We are one community. We are millions strong. We have changed the rules.

We are all Stupid Cancer.

With gratitude,

Matthew Zachary
21-Year Young Adult Survivor
Stupid Cancer, Inc.

Written by

I influence things | Patient Advocate, Cancer Rebel, Podcast Hero, Keynote Speaker, Founder @OffScripMedia @StupidCancer

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