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Kicking off opening ceremonies at CancerCon 2016

At Stupid Cancer, we get to invent the future and then make that future happen. Every day. Around the world.

We have the honor and privilege of witnessing someone’s entire perception of self transform in moments of time that they never saw coming — a physical and emotional shift in how they fundamentally exist in space with more passion, more sense of purpose, more self confidence, self reliance and more belief in their own ability to live their best life despite all the shit that’s been thrown at them — shit they didn’t ask for and shit they really don’t want or need.

They learn who they are all over again, not to be defined in spite of their cancer diagnosis but to become better spouses, partners, parents, children, siblings and friends because of their diagnosis.

And there is no other place on Earth where this is all too real than CancerCon.

Twenty years after I was given just months to live, we own our progress together knowing that achieving the impossible just takes a little longer.

Thank you for the privilege of letting us change the world with you and for trusting us with every fabric of your being.

Now go out there, get busy living and be the change we have become. We are Stupid Cancer!

Written by

I influence things | Patient Advocate, Cancer Rebel, Podcast Hero, Keynote Speaker, Founder @OffScripMedia @StupidCancer

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