Don’t Start A Charity!

You’ve heard me for years neurotically shouting into the clouds (Abe Simpson-style) about how the glamorous and enticing prospect of starting a nonprofit is riddled with unpredictable and unforeseen pitfalls and insanity.

In fact, I’ve talked many of you off the ledge but never TRULY got into the nitty-gritty writ large. Well, here you go →

To *ALL* my fellow nonprofit founders, leaders, executives, and employees, this must-listen episode is for you and anyone else living the over/under moment of “should I or shouldn’t I?”.

What’s more, I completely spill the all beans about Stupid Cancer’s ridonculous origin story and how the hell it all came together somehow. These were utterly irreplicable mid-2000s moments in time and a confluence of circumstances that collided to form the young adult cancer movement’s universe. And it all started with radio.

Special thanks to Dr. Patton McDowell, for tolerating me on his fantastic podcast, Your Path To Nonprofit Leadership.

And an epic shoutout to Dan Pallotta and Vu Le.