Out of Patients BONUS Episode


I have a personal bonus episode of Out of Patents to share today. No guests. Just me and the microphone.

“Talk Amongst Myself” is a new kind of episode for me, where I speak extemporaneously about stories and experiences that have impacted my life. The first one of these solo outings was this past January when I celebrated my 27th cancerversary.

My dogma reconciling the universe’s impossibly understandable existence stems from an old Mel Brooks skit from the 1960s. And I look to coincidences and improbability as signs and guides.

So, today I’m sharing how this all came to be and some ludicrously improbable coincidences that recently befell me about love, friendship, relationships, and the absolute power of friendship; most specifically, my parents, my wife, my kids, and my kindred spirit and dearest of karmic best friends, Sarah Armstrong.




Matthew Zachary

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