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So this time next week, I will no longer be CEO of Stupid Cancer. 12 years will have gone by since getting everything started in January of 2007.

Lots of emotions. Lots of feels.

But mostly gratitude, something this whole thing has taught me to understand and apply to life.

The separation anxiety is real and it’s been an interesting few months de-Matthew-izing the entire organization into the capable hands of my incredible friends Elizabeth Woolfe (Interim CEO) and Allison Ward (COO.)

My confidence is at an all-time high that the future for SC is glorious and impact-filled — and I am genuinely excited to see what becomes of it in this next iteration.

You know what it is.

#StupidCancer #StupidCancer #StupidCancer

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I influence things | Patient Advocate, Cancer Rebel, Podcast Hero, Keynote Speaker, Founder @OffScripMedia @StupidCancer

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