I had the chance to take a different track at last week’s The Atlantic LIVE #CancerStories event in Chicago. They had asked me to consider “#WeThePatients” as a theme.

To me, this is best represented by how the shared, collective wisdom embedded within our advocacy communities has genuinely changed our engagement with a severely flawed healthcare system.

More and more, the benefits of this kind of tribalism have significantly improved how we information-seek and make shared, objective decisions when confronted with what I am now referring to the consumer oncology marketplace.

More colloquially, I’m talking about when you have to start shopping in “the cancer store” and buy things you never wanted to purchase like surgery and chemo. Then, you hope your insurer covers the items in your cart with a Groupon.

Have a watch and let me know what you think.

Try the veal.

WATCH → https://youtu.be/1BYQPB-qHH4

I influence things | Patient Advocate, Cancer Rebel, Podcast Hero, Keynote Speaker, Founder @OffScripMedia @StupidCancer

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